Rusted Keys Don't Work

Published in 2008 and yet relevant today, Rusted Keys Don’t Work is a platform in which Cindy examines the dichotomy of life, the paradox it represents to humanity. The book magnifies to the reader the ineffective tools that we humans have become loyal to. In the book Cindy states that the absence of truth is chaos, a state that renders divinity and the creative power in humans useless. – Alicia SABC

The book is a personal journey with both elements of spirituality and self-help. The spiritual element speaks to truth and alignment. It is also a self-help book in the sense that it challenges one at a personal level to question who one is, reflections on what has been done in this lifetime, how to improve one’s life and ultimately how to be aligned to purpose.

  • Power is only when you begin to exercise the dominion that is specifically ordained for you;
  • Ineffective behavioural patterns give birth to an unpleasant and unprogressive life
  • Get the book and find out more on the power of truth and how it can liberate your whole world.

Price: R168.00

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