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14 Aug 2019

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The WEB is not gender sensitive. It attacks and works with any MIND that is available for use. As stated in my last comment, the spider is always intentional when it builds the WEB. Given this “ingenuity” in skill in its building, the WEB loves and thrives with sharp minds. So smart people are quite attractive to the spider’s building elements.

The building materials could be anything, including nothing. The WEB’s workshop is the mind. Lazy thinkers would take the building of the WEB way too long. So this caliber of people are the least and yet, let me shock you; they are already potentially long been inside the WEB, however it was built; squeezed out of life and meaning and yet still breathing!

But coming to the smart ones. These know how to process, whether what they process is life giving or not, but as long as it is intentional, as the WEB ought to be built and fulfill its intentions, so the building remains a daily necessity. For example, it isn’t a fool that thinks through how emotions can be used to blackmail somebody else; it’s the smart ones. Come to think of it; it isn’t the silly ones that are often victims of suicidal deaths. The person thinks through the how, the why and all tools he or she would need to commit such an act. Robbers don’t wake up and “feel” like. They plan and do their homework very well before they attack. They visualize the money in their bank account, see the cars, the mansions etc. and with the building in the mind completed, they risk all to get to the target.
What is evident and key is that just as the spider is smart, the enemy that wants to put people in WEBS does so in a smart way. It targets those that are carrying a shining light. So as your light shines, the enemy begins to prepare the WEB in your own mind. You prepare your own bed and sleep in it, bake the cake and eat it yourself.

Often times the WEB is not about other people, it is about you building this cage and being caught up in it. Once you have built it, you wait to see all your crooked confirmations come to pass. And as you expectantly/ intentionally wait for the manifestation, whatever these maybe, they surely comes to pass. 
What am I saying today? That;
 It is time we don’t look very far, but inside us and see how caught up inside our own WEBS we are.
 That we confront the source of our bitterness…surely it doesn’t require deliverance. But you deciding to say; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When you begin to be determined to come out of your WEB, your life story readies itself to be re-written, with freshness and for purpose.

Check out for more in my next blog. ALTERNATIVELY; Book Cindy to speak and be shocked by the wisdom as she elaborates widely on the areas that negatively impact lives that are meant to be great, but are caught up in serious MIND & SPIRITUAL WEBS!

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