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03 Jul 2019

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As I pondered on what topic I wanted to journey with, in starting the "blogging" journey, I thought of LIMITLESS! I got excited because I realized that everyone wants to be their best and yet many are the hurdles along the way. These bring frustration, the wanting to give up and all the negative energy one can think of. And yet it is possible to experience a limitless, unending life of growth, blessedness, prosperity and an overall SHALOM!

So here begins my journey; What is a limit? Well the dictionary is always handy in enlarging one word so that there's a broader or better understanding. The below is what it presents;

1. A restriction; which seems to have a negative connotation and yet boundaries are an aspect of life

2. The maximum point; the highest, the best possible experience or state of blessedness.

When I examined the 2 definitions, I realized that they carry both a positive and negative component of the word; limit (negative) while limitless (bounty, blessedness, possibilities etc.).

So I thought; life is way too positive than it is negative. We have paid too much emphasis on the limits rather than journeying to the most peaceful, rigorous and uncertain life that is pregnant with the limitless.

For now, I don't know on which side you're leaning, but in my next blog, on the same topic, I'm going to share how I chose to be limitless, unstoppable, within the rigorous combination of all that life threw at me. I am way too convinced that; I AM limitless and so CAN you be! Stay tuned for more…

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